ClickShare boosts collaboration in the classroom at the Charter School of San Diego

barco1-0314Rancho Cordova, CA USA – 10 June 2014 – Barco, a leader in display solutions and collaboration systems, can now be found in many classrooms operated by the Charter School of San Diego (CSSD), where teachers, administrators and students are realizing the benefits of easy-to-use, wireless screen-sharing and its positive impact on learning new lessons and communicating ideas.

Unlocking human potential
For more than 20 years, The Charter School of San Diego has been working to change the way students learn, employing innovative techniques and resources to meet the individualized learning needs of at-risk children.

“Our students come from all walks of life, with many several grade levels behind in basic math and language skills. It is critical that we find new ways to engage them with different tools than they were exposed to at their traditional schools,” said Tiffany Yandell, Operations Coordinator for CSSD. One solution that has made a difference is Barco ClickShare, a wireless presentation and collaboration system. “ClickShare is helping bring classroom instruction to life with real-time visuals that reinforce concepts and encourage students to participate in lessons.”

A powerful technology integration tool
ClickShare fits with the school’s model to infuse the curriculum with appropriate technology-based activities and assignments that facilitate learning. With 22 workstations, including dozens of computers, iPads, and other devices, CSSD needed a way to bring all of the technologies together in a cohesive, collaborative way to facilitate instruction and communication.

Offering a unique knowledge-sharing experience, ClickShare allows users to present their content from a laptop, tablet or smartphone on the main classroom or meeting room display with one click. Up to four users simultaneously can project a document(s), an internet browser, or a video to enrich the discussion. At CSSD, instructors are using ClickShare to integrate a PowerPoint with notes, annotate a picture, and pull in a web browser, all at once, to reinforce concepts.

Everyone loves ClickShare
ClickShare makes learning ‘live’ and more interactive, so teachers can immediately address questions or students can help each other. It also allows students to easily share ideas and collaborate in new ways, expressing themselves like never before.  “ClickShare has really helped create a more inclusive educational experience, and for these kids, that is what it’s all about.”

“ClickShare is the perfect solution for dynamic collaboration in many environments, with education being a shining example,” comments Patrick Lee, Vice President Entertainment and Corporate for Barco North America.  “The engagement and empowerment the Charter School of San Diego is experiencing with ClickShare is great to see, and echoes the sentiment expressed by many other institutions making it part of their instructional technology plans.”

About Barco
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