Cleerline Technology Group Introduces New HDMI and Industrial Solutions

Missoula, MT — Cleerline Technology Group, manufacturers of SSF™ Fiber Optics, is continuing the company’s commitment to easy, efficient installations by releasing a new selection of fiber optic solutions.  For the first time, the Cleerline SSF™ line will include 4K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables (AOC) in long lengths.  Additionally, Cleerline is introducing options for installations in harsh or industrial environments: Rugged Micro Distribution Bulk Fiber Optic Cable and the SSF™ Tactical Connector System.  Finally, Cleerline now offers additional jacket coloring options for select fiber optic cables and a new, smaller wall mount enclosure.  All new items will debut at InfoComm 2019.

“We are excited about these new SSF™ products and have created additional solutions that will benefit integrators and customers,” says Cleerline Managing Partner Ryan Prentice.  “Cleerline continues to provide world class fiber optic solutions to the industry.  Our new AOC HDMI™ solutions incorporate Cleerline SSF™ fiber technology, making the cables more durable than other AOC currently offered.  The Tactical Connector solution is a perfect match for non-permanent installations that require cables to be used repeatedly.”

SSF™ 4K UHD HDMI Active Optical Cables incorporate 4 strands of SSF™ fiber optic cable, providing a full 18 Gbps, 4K60 4:4:4 UHD signal transmission solution.  While other active optical cables on the market often incorporate plastic optical fibers, SSF™ AOC utilize SSF™ technology for more durable and flexible glass optical fibers.  SSF™ HDMI AOC are available in 10, 15, 20, or 30 meter lengths.

Rugged Micro Distribution Bulk Fiber Optic Cable is designed to withstand installations ranging from external conduit to indoor riser spaces.  Rugged Micro Distribution features a dual-jacket construction with an intermediate strength layer of fiberglass yarns in addition to water-blocking Aramid® yarns.  This construction provides extra protection from environmental hazards, including rodents.  Rugged Micro Distribution is available in either multimode OM3 or single mode OS2 and is riser rated.

SSF™ Tactical Connector System protects SSF™ connectors by containing them within a durable plastic housing with an accompanying metal socket.  The tactical system securely locks, preventing disturbance to installed connectors.  The male housing accepts two multimode or single mode SSF™ connectors (duplex).  The accompanying female duplex socket is available color coded for single mode or multimode identification.

SSF™ Black Jacketed Bulk Cable is an alternative to the industry-standard aqua outer jacket of multimode OM3 cables.  Cleerline now offers Duplex OM3 and 6 and 12 Strand Micro Distribution OM3 with a black jacket.  This color option allows greater installation flexibility.

Extra Small Wall Mount Enclosure is a compact solution for smaller-scale installations.  Previously, the smallest enclosure offered by Cleerline Technology Group accepted two LGX-compatible adapter plates.  The Extra Small Wall Mount Enclosure accepts only 1 adapter plate and is sized to take up minimal space.

All new products will be available to ship in approximately late June 2019.  For more information, visit Cleerline at InfoComm Booth 3189 or online at