ClearOne Adds ‘Voice Lift’ Feature to BMA 360 Beamforming Ceiling Tile Mic

clearone 1ClearOne is expanding the applications for its BMA 360 Beamforming Microphone Array Ceiling Tile with the addition of a new “Voice Lift” feature that allows audio to be locally amplified and heard throughout classrooms, lecture halls and large meeting rooms.

ClearOne’s technologies, FiBeam and DsBeam, already found on the BMA 360, enable new levels of Voice Lift performance. FiBeam technology makes the BMA 360 a frequency-invariant beamforming mic array that provides natural and full-fidelity sound. DsBeam provides sidelobe depth below -40 decibels, resulting in superior rejection of reverb and noise and providing superb clarity and intelligibility.

With the addition of the new Voice Lift feature, the BMA 360 becomes a more interesting microphone array ceiling tile for K-12 schools and colleges. And, the features now include echo cancellation, noise cancellation, auto-mixing, built-in power amplifiers and camera-tracking functions.

Each BMA 360 can have up to four Voice Lift zones to provide a simple and intuitive way to drive multiple speaker groups. Built-in four-channel power amplifiers make wiring quick and a combination of built-in power amplifiers and mix-minus zones makes the Voice Lift feature simple to create and deploy.