ClearOne Releases New Features for BMA 360 Microphones, CONVERGE Pro 2 Mixers and CONSOLE AI Software

clearone bma 360 converge pro 2 console ai

ClearOne today announced the availability of several new features for its BMA 360 microphones, CONVERGE Pro 2 (CP2) family of digital signal processing mixers (DSPs) and intuitive CONSOLE AI configuration software.

The new features include customizable beam pointing for ClearOne’s BMA 360 ceiling tile microphone, native camera tracking in the CP2 DSP mixer, and chairman gating ducking. These new features are accessible and configurable through the latest release of CONSOLE AI configuration software, available for download here.

The new ducking capability, which refers to reducing an input’s gain based on other simultaneous inputs, ensures the hosts’ speech can always be heard above other microphone sources or other audio sources.

Additionally, camera tracking can now originate within the CP2 DSP mixer for VISCA-compatible cameras, enabling the DSP to use serial or IP communication to automatically trigger camera pan-tilt-zoom PTZ presets based on gating or beam information without requiring a third-party control system. Lastly, beam pointing for the BMA 360 now offers full customization through a new view option and control interface that allows for full beam tuning and articulation.

The BMA 360 is the world’s most technologically advanced beamforming microphone array ceiling tile, delivering unrivaled audio performance and deployment ease. It’s the industry’s only ultra-wideband, frequency-invariant beamforming mic array with the uniform gain response across all frequency bands.

Supporting up to three ClearOne BMA 360 microphones and up to five independent Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) lines per DSP unit, CONVERGE Pro 2 systems can be customized to provide crystal clear audio pickup and video capture in spaces of any size or design, including for multi-room setups and divisible rooms. CONVERGE Pro 2 systems offer C-Link DSP mixer interconnection technology for expanding Input/ Output ports and configuration, P-Link peripheral technology that delivers audio, data, and power to endpoints through a single cable and advanced Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and Noise Cancellation for each connected microphone.

CONSOLE AI is a streamlined configuration and control software for ClearOne’s CONVERGE Pro 2 family of digital signal processing mixers (DSPs) that offers integrators advanced options and assistance during system installation and setup. The software helps integrators create audio channel groups without sacrificing individual channel control, provides a seamless design interface for larger systems containing two or more CONVERGE Pro 2 DSPs, and offers distinct design modes for single-room and multi-room designs.