ClearOne Introduces Two New Expander Solutions for CONVERGE Pro 2 DSP Mixers

ClearOne is introducing a duo of compact yet powerful interface expanders — the CONVERGE Pro 2 USB and the CONVERGE Pro 2 GPIO — that increase the number of ports available for conferencing connectivity and room control for all CONVERGE Pro 2 DS mixers.

The USB expander acts primarily as a USB audio interface, connecting a laptop directly to the room’s audio with familiar PC-based video conferencing applications, including ClearOne Spontania, Google Hangouts, Skype for Business, WebEx or any other cloud-based applications. It also can be used to share the DSP mixer resources across multiple rooms.

The GPIO Expander provides a dozen input and output pins to control in-room devices such as microphones, cameras, window coverings and lights. As many as three USB expanders and three GPIO expanders can be daisy-chained per CONVERGE Pro 2 mixer to further increase USB connectivity and room-control options.

The new CONVERGE Pro 2 Expanders are shipping at the end of August 2017. Here are all the details.