ClearOne Introduces CHAT 150 BT Group Speakerphone

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Today ClearOne introduced the new CHAT 150 BT group speakerphone with USB and Bluetooth connectivity for UCC applications. With the ability to connect to personal computers, mobile devices or Bluetooth-enabled desk phones, the CHAT 150 BT group speakerphone provides users with a means to upgrade home offices, executive offices and mid-size meeting rooms using BYOD convenience and audio clarity for audio conferences and video meetings.

The CHAT 150 BT speakerphone also has an audio bridging feature that allows far-end conference participants connected via a software conferencing application through USB, local users of the speakerphone and far-end callers on a mobile call connected through Bluetooth to join the same call and hear each other clearly.

Featuring a steerable microphone array with first-mic priority, the CHAT 150 BT speakerphone activates the microphone closest to the person speaking, reducing interference from ambient noise. Like all ClearOne microphone products, the CHAT 150 BT speakerphone is compatible with popular collaboration platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet and many more.

The new BT model retains all the features of the original CHAT 150 speakerphone, including Advanced Noise Cancellation, Full Duplex Distributed Echo Cancellation and Automatic Level Control algorithms, to ensure intelligible, natural audio capture and playback. It also supports NFC tap-to-pair and includes a wired USB connection for compatibility with a full variety of modern devices. At just over one pound, the CHAT 150 BT speakerphone is easy to take wherever it’s needed, and the touch interface provides control of volume, mute and Bluetooth functions.