ClearOne Granted Audio Streaming Patent

audio-streaming1-0716ClearOne announced today that it has been awarded a new patent covering audio streaming technology. On May 3, 2016, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) issued United States Patent number 9,331,864 entitled “Audio Video Distribution System using Multiple Network Speaker Nodes in a Multi-Speaker Session.” The ‘864 patent covers networked speakers that include a master-slave clock, a preamplifier and sensors, including microphones, that are used to enhance speaker protection and performance. The patent includes a master-slave clock that enables synchronization of audio output in multi-speaker sessions. Embodiments of this patent can be used to equalize each speaker individually to ensure that each speaker has an optimized frequency response for the best possible sound reproduction. Embodiments of this patent can also be used to prevent a speaker from being overdriven and damaged.

This new patent is part of ClearOne’s growing patent portfolio that currently includes over one hundred issued patents and pending patent applications covering multiple new technologies in the fields of audio and video processing, audio and video streaming and communication technologies. This ongoing development of new patents continues ClearOne’s market leadership position, strong history of product innovation, and development of cutting-edge technologies.

ClearOne is here and here is the actual patent.