ClearOne COLLABORATE Pro Now Natively Integrates Skype For Business

ClearOne today announced a system upgrade that allows users, at an additional cost, to enable Skype for Business on any COLLABORATE Pro model.

ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Pro is a series of low-cost room appliances, audio endpoints and PTZ cameras, containing a mix of built-in solution tools for any type of group-room collaboration, including: traditional video conferencing, audio conferencing, Skype for Business, Spontania cloud video & web conferencing, recording and streaming, and wireless presentation. These tools provide a variety of applications for any group activity: team collaboration, meeting, lecture, presentation, training, corporate communication, product launch, and more.

COLLABORATE Pro supports traditional SIP/H.323 video conferencing, cloud video and web conferencing, Skype for Business with native integration, multi-wireless user presentation and professional audio in any workspace. Additionally, COLLABORATE Pro has one consistent user interface and experience across all conferencing and collaboration applications.

Here are the details.