ClearOne Announces Free Version of COLLABORATE Space Lifetime Subscription Messaging App

clearoneClearOne announced that a version of its COLLABORATE Space lifetime subscription messaging app is now available for free. ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Space is a collaboration tool that delivers a full suite of audio, videoconferencing, web conferencing and meeting tools in a persistent space from any device.

“The free version of COLLABORATE Space allows up to ten participants to meet for an unlimited amount of time,” ClearOne chair and CEO Zee Hakimoglu said today. “Unlike other services that claim to be free, COLLABORATE Space does not limit the length of any audio or video call. What’s more, all messages are encrypted to ensure maximum security and we don’t trade personal data to third parties.”

Hakimoglu stressed that the COLLABORATE Space lifetime subscription with unlimited meeting time is free to everyone and is not tied to any other ClearOne purchase. “Yes, we offer paid, step-up package options to meet specific user needs, but for many individuals and companies the free version is going to be all that they ever need for quality online meetings. Why pay when you can collaborate for free?”

The free version of COLLABORATE Space also includes instant messaging, screen desktop sharing and a CO2 savings report.

Basic and Pro versions of the app are also available for the monthly cost of $8.25 and $16.65 respectively with an annual subscription. An Enterprise on-premise version can be customized for larger organizations.