ClearOne Adds 512×512 Sound Reinforcement Audio Matrix


ClearOne has launched the CONVERGE MatrixSound Reinforcement Distribution and Processing System enabled with Dante networking. Available in Q4 2014, this new system leverages the utility of existing Ethernet networks for the routing and distribution of networked audio, supporting up to 512×512 uncompressed channels for audio matrix mixing.

ClearOne’s CONVERGE Matrix works with CONVERGE Pro and SR units connected into a network through CONNECT Dante, without requiring any hardware changes in the CONVERGE units, to enable a flexible modular approach. ClearOne says the unit is easy to manage, provides complete system redundancy, and leverages a hybrid systems approach with room endpoints, shared DSP processing, and centralized DSP matrix routing with distributed resources. This solution from ClearOne increases the scalability and reliability of networked voice and sound applications without any distance limitations, and is suitable for small, medium, and large scale projects.

Common uses for CONVERGE Matrix include sound reinforcement and distribution at airports, transportation hubs, universities, stadiums, casinos, entertainment venues, amusement parks, houses of worship, shopping malls, convention and expo centers, auditoriums, corporate buildings, healthcare facilities, hotels and aboard cruise ships.

Here are all the tech specs.