ClearLED Launches Transparent LED-Lit Digital Posters

ClearLED just announced its newest suite of lightweight window posters at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas this month. ClearLED says that during pre-launch trials, these transparent LED posters have already demonstrated a 360 percent increase in sales for McDonald’s. ClearLED Posters were tested by a nine McDonald’s stores in Hattiesburg, Miss.

ClearLED Poster’s transparency permits daylight to filter through them allowing customers to easily see in and out of stores. ClearLED Posters can display static and video content and can be use din daylight or at night.

Available in three sizes, 42”, 55” and 63” and built using lightweight aluminum, ClearLED Posters are spec’d for 60 percent transparency with high resolution (>294 x 192 pixels and 45,895 dot m2), The brightness spec is 5,500 nits.

More information is here.