Clear-Com Debuts COMduit AV Signal Transport System

Clear-Com is debuting COMduit, a new fiber-based solution for audio and video transport between booth, field, production truck and any other remote location. COMduit provides a template for a range of products needed for remote broadcast production. The solution is based around Clear-Com’s ProGrid audio and video transport products, LQ for intercom over IP and BroaMan’s MUX-22 signal multiplexer. Users simply implement the products they need to solve their specific remote production AV transport requirements.

This solution is built into three flight cases and supports fiber transmission for a typical remote sports or news broadcast, or any other situation that uses dark fiber between multiple sites. The cases, named ‘Truck,’ ‘Booth’ and ‘Field’ only require electric power and two duplex single-mode fiber cables. The BroaMan devices are configured so that multiple fiber and IP networks are multiplexed for transport using a single duplex fiber cable — one cable from Truck to Booth, and one from Truck to Field.

The COMduit solution is here.