Clare Controls Partners with Denon

clare-control2-0816Clare Controls has selected Denon to be the music solution for Clare smart homes. Clare natively integrates with and is reselling the company’s HEOS line of audio products, including its Home Cinema wireless sound bar and subwoofer, Drive multiroom streaming amplifier, and wired/wireless speakers.

By partnering with Denon, Clare gives system owners a plug-and-play solution featuring high-quality wireless audio effortlessly integrated into its smart home system.

“The Denon-Clare integration is so fast and complete, there’s no point in bringing another audio solution to market,” said Delia Hansen, Clare Controls VP of Marketing. “Partnering with HEOS gives Clare dealers, builder partners, and consumers ‘one-stop’ access to streaming services, wireless audio, wired speakers, multizone audio, and home theater surround sound with both a great quality product and user experience.”

How It Works

  • HEOS auto-discovers: set up HEOS and it displays in the ClareHome App
  • Enjoy supported services including Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, Sirius, Tidal, iHeart, Amazon, Napster, Sound Cloud, and local music
  • Easily add playlists and favorites to one-touch Clare scenes
  • Control zones, group rooms, and edit playlists from the ClareHome App
  • Combine Clare amps and preamp with the Denon Link as a source for larger jobs

“HEOS brings audio to any or all rooms in the home and instantly gives users multi-room audio control at their fingertips. Clare does the same with smart home products,” said Paul Belanger, Global Business Team Leader – Custom Integration for D+M Group. “Partnering with Clare provides both customer sets with a pre-integrated solution that can start small – from either end of the spectrum – and grow.”

Clare is offering HEOS to its certified direct and distribution dealers. Products will be available for Clare system owners to order from the upcoming myClareHome portal.

To learn more about the Clare partnership with Denon HEOS, go here.