Cisco Wants You!

cisco-logo-0613Cisco has developed a lead-generation program for AV integration firms. You know how there are always systems you come across where there are elements of the system that you need to outsource? Maybe it’s something that requires a special expertise in phone systems. Or, maybe it’s a system that requires a lighting designer. Or, maybe it’s a system that requires integration with a special piece of software that you aren’t a specialist for?

Well, Cisco has this issue too. Doing thousands of videoconferencing installs a month as well as all the other IT-related jobs that Cisco gets involved in, means that they, too, have elements of a system that they need to outsource. Things like hanging projectors, integrating a control system and adding digital signage to a facility. And, these are things that Cisco doesn’t do. So Cisco needs a network of integrators to call on when these systems arise and they’re coming to ISE to establish it.

Yes, they’ll be exhibiting to show off their latest Unified Communications (UC) hardware and software solutions, but they’re also hoping to establish a network of integrators they can use to outsource (or bring on with them to the jobs they already have) the AV parts of their UC systems.

We talked to Cisco about this last week on rAVe RADIO and here’s the podcast that explains what they’re after.

And, of course, you can stop by their stand at ISE:  12-B74 and sign up for the program!