Cinemas Procinal brings the excellence of Christie Vive Audio sound and Christie Solaria projection to its new multiplex in La Ceja

cinemas-procinal-pr-main1Bogota, Colombia – (October 26, 2016) – Christie®, a leader in creating and delivering the world’s best visual and audio experiences, is pleased to announce that Cinemas Procinal La Ceja is Colombia’s first multiplex to adopt the Christie Vive Audio™ sound system. This four-screen theater is located in the Viva La Ceja shopping mall in the Antioquía department, which until now had no cinemas to its name. The new multiplex has also equipped all of its screens with Christie® Solaria® projectors, making it the first all-Christie entertainment complex in Columbia.

The recent opening of Viva La Ceja is proving to be a milestone in the lives of the town’s 70,000 inhabitants, given that it is not only its first shopping mall but also its very first cinema. With a floor area of 16,000 square meters and 100 units, the people of La Ceja can now find everything they are looking for without having to travel to other neighboring towns and cities.

The Cinemas Procinal multiplex in La Ceja has four screens with a total capacity of 663 spectators. Two of the screens are equipped with VibroSound technology, exclusive to Procinal, which gives the audience the added sensation of movement in their seats to convey an even better experience of the movie.

cinemas-procinal-pr-main2To ensure an optimum experience for spectators, the audio was a truly critical factor for Cinemas Procinal. The company was looking for the best solution and that’s when Christie Vive Audio made its appearance. “After having studied the design, configuration and functioning of Vive Audio, we quickly realized that the capacity, quality and dimension of sound that this technology can deliver exactly what we were after,” explained Juan Carlos Mayungo, managing and financial director of Cinemas Procinal.

He went on to add that “it’s obvious just how many hours of work and testing the Christie team dedicated to the Vive Audio system. Our longstanding relationship with Christie meant that we were already aware of the reliability of its projectors, so we decided to take the next step and go for its cinema sound system.” The connection between Cinemas Procinal and Christie goes back a long way and in fact more than half of its roughly 150 screens throughout the country are equipped with the brand’s projectors.

Specifically, Cinemas Procinal has equipped its theaters at La Ceja with the Vive Audio LS Series with 7.1 distributed sound applications, including LS1 screen channel loudspeakers, LS1S surround loudspeakers, S118 subwoofers, as well as a variety of CDA Series Class D amplifiers. The end result is a completely-enveloping cinema sound environment that affords exceptional performance and power.

The loudspeakers from the Christie Vive Audio LS Series utilize planar ribbon driver technology, with its low distortion and superior transitory response characteristics. Likewise, the single-enclosure design enables quick and easy deployment which saves on installation time, while the shallow depth means that they fit in even the narrowest spaces behind the screen. They offer an unbeatable option at a competitive price, without sacrificing quality or reliability, to exhibitors looking to improve the sound in their theaters.

Patrick Artiaga, director of Business Development in Christie’s Audio division, said “It is an honor for us that Cinemas Procinal has chosen our revolutionary cinema sound solution for its new multiplex. The loudspeakers in the Christie Vive Audio LS Series are a cost-effective entry to superior cinema sound, ensuring the perfect reproduction of high resolution sound and high dynamic range in compliance with DCI standards.”

In addition to Christie Vive Audio, the new multiplex is also using DLP Cinema® technology projectors from the Christie Solaria Series to equip its four screens. Three of them have Christie CP2220projectors (22,000 lumens, 2K resolution upgradable to 4K) and the fourth has a Christie CP2215projector (15,000 lumens, 2K resolution).

Cinemas Procinal La Ceja is now the latest in a long list of film theaters offering complete Christie cinema solutions that are setting new standards in superior cinema experiences. Diego López Villamil, general manager of Christie NOLA (North Latin America), said: “Cinemas Procinal is always at the forefront of new film technologies. The combination of Christie projectors with Vive Audio sound will ensure that its customers at La Ceja will enjoy the ultimate movie-going experience.”

Spectators’ response to the new film theaters couldn’t be better. “Our customers are thrilled with the new screens and we are getting really positive feedback,” concluded Juan Carlos Mayungo, who also underscored Christie’s excellent post-sales support.