Cinegy Improves Its Multiviewer and Adds NDI, SRT and SMPTE 2110 Support

cinegy multiviewer ndiCinegy announced the latest version of its Cinegy Multiviewer product that now supports input formats from traditional SDI and DVB/ATSC transport streams to common IP formats such as NDI, SRT and SMPTE 2110. The Cinegy Multiviewer has GPU acceleration using NVIDIA GPUs but with version 24.2 of Cinegy Multiviewer AMD GPU acceleration is supported as is the mixed use of NVIDIA and AMD GPUs in one system.

The Cinegy Multiviewer is a widely used solution for professional NDI monitoring. NDI sources are not always broadcast standard signals. To address the challenges posed by non-standard NDI feeds and to deliver a smooth and efficient monitoring experience, Cinegy Multiviewer 24.2 now offers an NDI source tolerance mode to easily integrate these types of sources as well.

The Remote Control API within Cinegy Multiviewer 24.2 has also been significantly enhanced, with a particular focus placed on layout manipulation to allow users to navigate their monitoring workflows more precisely. Another exciting addition is the WebSocket Preview feature that permits users to preview streams (or entire Multiviewer screens) with very low-latency directly within a web browser on any internet connection without the need for additional plug-ins and software.

Enabling more efficient resource allocation, improved performance, and greater control over GPU resources, maximizing GPU acceleration — all benefits of version 24.2. Automatic and accurate GPU identification and simple selection via drop-down menus helps simplify assigning resources and managing hardware setup. In the same simple way GPU resources can be assigned output stream encoding for remote stream delivery.