Is the Church Market Profitable for You?

church-mic-1215Is the church market profitable for you? Or is it the ‘elephant in the room’ that your sales and marketing teams don’t know how to address? This market, which will likely spend over a billion dollars in 2016 on Audio, Video, Lighting (AVL) technology and infrastructure, seems to be harder than other verticals for many manufacturers and systems integrators. They may seem elusive, but when you know when and where and how to reach them, the elephant in the room can be the elephant-sized target for increasing your technology sales.

Like any other market, education for the market and of the market is key. That’s why I’ve included a helpful article that has dozens of helpful links to other articles I’ve written here on rAVe to de-mystify the humongous House of Worship vertical market. I hold the firm belief that any manufacturer or integrator that takes this market seriously will reap significant profits by delivering the value churches need (and are searching for).

To further aid in your marketing and sales efforts to these technology buyers, I’ve included a look forward into what can be when you help re-frame the conversation around four keys churches need to know: cost, change, control and commitment. These four C’s are not only conversation-starters, but also deal-closers for those willing to make it a priority to educate and facilitate churches replacing, updating, and adding AVL technology.

Having worked with dozens of manufacturers and thousands of churches, I’ve put decades of helpful insight here on rAVe with the sincere desire to see you profit from helping churches. My motive is clear: I want churches to leverage technology well, as it’s a force multiplier for their mission; and I believe you should be able to profit from providing real value. That’s a win-win recipe that only requires that your organization reap the benefits that are here for the taking on rAVe.