Christie’s New Projection Learning Series — All About Illumination

enlightened-0916The projection market is transitioning faster than the speed of light. OK, maybe not that fast, but speaking of light, Christie launched an educational video series EnLIGHTened Projection Learning Series as a great primer on how projection illumination works and what the differences are between each technology. As everyone knows by now, laser is the newest light source to enter the market and  is a significant advancement in projection technology illumination. But do you know why? Do you understand how it works? The industry is rapidly shifting from lamp-based to solid state illumination projection (e.g., laser, laser phosphor, LED), and this video series comes at the right time as it illustrates the choices in illumination and cost impact of each one.

WTTweb_Christie_logoWhen you’re asked why you’re spec’ing a laser phosphor projector over a lamp-based projector, will you be able to explain the benefits? Or, what if someone simply asks you how this stuff works? Don’t you want to understand it yourself?

Making a decision about which projector to spec or buy has become much more complex and challenging. Gone are the days where decisions are solely based on lumens or weight. Is laser-phosphor perfect for all applications? Or, is a lamp-based projector a better option for a particular application? It’s difficult to know which technology is best, and it differs from one application to the next. Buyers will often only look at performance (or specs) when selecting projection but, as you well know, there are many more criteria to consider. Christie’s video series covers many aspects of buying a projector, and as you’ll see, the decision is never black and white.

The EnLIGHTened Projection Learning Series is free so check it out so you’ll know and understand what you’re selling or buying.