Christie’s LED Walls White Paper Is Perfect Sales Companion


Anyone can sell LCD displays. But, selling LED Walls takes pixel-pitch knowledge, expertise and understanding of how the human-eye sees color and resolution.

Christie has launched a new white paper that addresses all of this. In addition to explaining the applications, it goes through and educates the reader on how we see pixels. As you may know, depending on how far away you’re sitting from a giant LED wall (for example, in a sports venue) you may or may not see the pixels — something you don’t want. Thus, LED wall manufacturers have varying pixel pitch (the distance between LEDs) offerings in their product line. But, do you know which one to specify when?

And, did you know you can now build 4K walls?

The video wall is back. And, there are a plethora of applications you can sell in to that were not available to you 10-years ago when we last saw a push for video walls. But, LED changed all that. LED walls are more powerful than any other giant screen display system that has come before it (there’s a reason that every giant screen in Times Square is now LED) and their colorimetry exceeds Rec 709 specifications. Oh, don’t know what Rec 709 is? Or, why it matters? Well, Christie’s white paper on LED walls explains all that too.

It’s free and makes a perfect educational piece for your client to help them understand the technology behind video walls and why LED is leading the way. So, download it and get educated and use this as something you give your clients.