Christie Shows World’s First 72,000-Lumen Laser Projection


By Bob Snyder

The last record for lumens in laser projection was Christie’s own 63,000-lumen record, set at IBC Show in September. Now Christie raises the bar again for achieving the world’s brightest laser projection.

In Beijing, Christie did a demo of its prototype laser projector: the world’s first 72,000-lumen laser projection. Short movie clips of 3D content projected on a 20-meter wide by 12-meter high screen were screened at typical 3D brightness levels of 3-4 foot-lamberts and then using the laser projector at 14 foot-lamberts at the theater of Wanda Shi Jin Shan Cinema, leaving the audiences in awe.

“Today’s laser projection demo was fabulous! I’m impressed with the ultra brightness and life-like colours delivered onto the screen,” says Ning Ye, general manager of Wanda Group.

Presenting at the laser demo event, Don Shaw, senior director, product management, Christie Entertainment Solutions said, “Audiences deserve to see the brightest 3D with 14 foot-lamberts on cinema screens. Our demonstration today showed just how truly spectacular a movie maker’s vision can be realised when shown at the highest light levels, making the shared experience more immersive, and, ultimately, driving more cinema ticket sales.”

Dr. Shaw continued, “Some attendees leave 3D movies complaining of headaches, fatigue and sore eyes. Just like reading a book in low light levels, low brightness on the movie screen is one of the reasons for these complaints. Delivering more lumens to the screen will help address these effects, as will the advent of ‘eye-easy’ high frame rate (HFR) movies.”

Commenting on the laser projector, Shaw said, “There are a half-a-dozen different ‘forks in the road’ decisions that have to be made when designing a laser-projection system and most manufacturers will take different paths.”

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Shaw also shared with the exhibitors information on Christie IMB, an integrated media block solution that seamlessly converts and delivers feature-film and alternative content within a secure environment to all of Christie’s 2K and 4K, DCI-compliant Solaria Series 2 projectors. Following his presentation, the audiences were treated to a demo of Christie IMB showcasing MPEG2 contents.

Want to see details of this 72K lumen prototype? Visit here.