New Compact and Quiet Christie Q Series Debuts

christie-q-series-0116Christie has a new set of 1-chip DLP projectors with the new Christie DWU1052-Q and Christie DHD1052-Q, both featuring improved warping and blending.

Aimed at applications including concerts, live theater, lecture halls, conventions, hotels, public spaces and other venues where bright and precise imagery is key, end users will experience the benefits of the improved blending and warping and portrait or landscape modes whether the image is displayed on a flat or curved surface.

Operational in either single or dual-lamp mode, Christie Q Series is equipped with eClarity — image processing that delivers enhanced pictures by providing superior control over sharpness, gloss and shading, making images stand out more than ever. With built-in High Dynamic Contrast Range (HDCR), even image ‘washout’ from high ambient light conditions can be eliminated.

The new Christie Q Series models also feature a built-in automated dual color wheel to quickly select between two performance color wheels to optimize for best color or brightest light.

Christie DWU1052-Q and Christie DHD1052-Q have:

  • 10,000 lumens (WU), 9,500 lumens (HD)
  • Small form factor
  • Reduced noise levels thanks to a unique cooling design that minimizes the number of fans
  • Built-in automated dual color wheel for best color or brightest light
  • e-Clarity image processing
  • High Dynamic Contrast Range
  • Versatile lens suite including 0.38:1 ultra-short throw
  • Edge blending and warping capability and instant configuration
  • Easy connectivity with 3GSDI and HDBaseT
  • Built-in LCD display for status and monitoring

Here are all the specs.