Christie Phoenix Firmware Update Provides Integration with Milestone XProtect Video Management Software


Christie announced a firmware update for Christie Phoenix content management systems, which is available today. 

Version 1.5 directly integrates with Milestone’s XProtect, an open platform IP video management software (VMS). Christie Phoenix obtains H.264 camera data directly from the XProtect recording server, and automated video wall control is initiated from the XProtect event server. Christie Phoenix is easy to integrate with XProtect, creating a unified solution for video management and control room operations. 

Two new operating modes are available with this firmware update: standard security and stringent security. While most users will rely on the standard security mode, the stringent mode is ideal for high-security environments. 

Christie Phoenix security enhancements enable client systems to comply with NERC/CIP requirements. Control rooms and operations centers, in public utilities, public services, security and surveillance, transportation and telecommunications, all benefit from the security features provided by Christie Phoenix.