Christie’s NAB Plans Call for Unique Theater Experience and a 4K Demo Too

christie_rgb_high-0313-1I had a chance to sit down with Christie’s Director of Experiential Marketing Steve Capling last week and he told me about a very cool theater the company will be building inside its NAB booth next month in Vegas. Ever since the debut of The Hobbit, where they released the movie in both a traditional 24 fps (frames per second) copy as well as a 48 fps version for some digital cinema theaters, Hollywood’s been buzzing with talk of using higher frame rates to cut down on so-called film jitter and motion artifacts. But, this can’t be done unless the projection systems allow for it. Christie, one of three DCI-compliant manufacturers of digital cinema projectors, makes projectors for digital cinemas that are capable of handling refresh rates as high as 120 Hertz.

At NAB, they’ll demo that capability by showing movie footage in all sorts of frame rates. In addition, they’ll have a 4K demo as well as show some new products in the U.S. for the first time. Watch this video so you’ll be ready for what Christie’s going to launch at NAB on April 8-11 in Las Vegas: