Christie HS Series Is 12K Lumen 1DLP Laser Phosphor Projector

christie8-0216Christie just introduced the brightest 1-chip 1DLP laser phosphor projector in the Christie HS Series. Featuring what they are calling ‘BoldColor Technology’ it has a color wheel that spins at 3x speed or normal 1-chip DLPs. The Christie D12HD-HS​ and Christie D12WU-HS, respectively, are HD (1080p) and WUXGA 1920×1200 resolution in a compact chassis.

Aimed at both installs and the rental staging market, the Christie HS Series is capable of 360-degree orientation and portrait mode with color matching and advanced blending, warping and stacking software built in. The Christie HS Series also offers a full (six) lens suite covering 0.84:1 up to 7.2:1, 3GSDI and DVI-D loop through connections so signals can be daisy chained without external boxes, and optional fog filters.​​ It also has a bottom-side HDMI connection and rear input cover.

Here are all the detailed specs.