Christie Acquires Medical Imaging Company Luminetx

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luminetx-0110Christie announced today that it has acquired all of the assets of Luminetx Corporation, a medical biosciences technology company. The assets include Luminetx’s technology and intellectual property for the market leading vascular imaging system, VeinViewer.  VeinViewer is the first device to locate subcutaneous veins and project a real-time image of their location onto the surface of the skin.  Christie says they will create a new medical products business operating under Christie Medical Holdings, Inc. (“Christie Medical”).

christie-0110Christie Medical will apparently leverage the strengths of this technology, which is apparently considered very innovative and is obviously non-invasive, and marry it with their own projection technologies and likely expand the reach of the potential of such innovative procedures. The VeinViewer system uses near infrared light to detect a patient’s veins through the skin and sophisticated image processing technology to project a map of the vasculature on top of the skin. The benefits of this technology include improved peripheral vascular access resulting in significantly fewer intravenous (or IV) sticks, less time to start an IV, improved patient comfort and reduced healthcare operating costs.  According to Christie, it is estimated that nine out of every ten procedures within a hospital start with IV access and there are over one billion vein punctures performed annually in the US alone.

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