My Elevated Partnership with Chris Chinnock at Insight Media

rave-insightmediaToday, rAVe is announcing that we are partnering with Insight Media to bring the AV industry even more in-depth video coverage and analysis at trade shows and major industry events.

Chris Chinnock and I have been friends a long time. There’s a huge amount of mutual respect and he’s provided invaluable editorial content over the years with our partnership up until now. But, as of today, we’re both taking that partnership and friendship to a whole new level. Here’s how:

As you know, for four years, we’ve been shooing hundreds (and sometimes, thousands) of short 1-2 minute video clips on any and all new products we see launched at major industry trade shows like InfoCommCEDIADigital Signage Expo (DSE)Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) and industry events like ALMO’s E4 AV Tour and the NEC Showcases. Heck, we’ve even set-up separate microsites for many of these shows that house over 6,000 videos we’ve shot. And, we’ve had over 6,700,000 video views. These videos do exactly what they’re meant to do – give you a short glimpse into the product – and just enough detail – so you can determine if you’re interested in the product enough to go check it out on the manufacturer’s own website.

Last year, we added video interviews to that coverage — where I sat down with industry leaders and asked them more in-depth questions about their companies, their services and their products. But, I’m only one person and there’s only so many people I can interview and there’s a limited timeframe available at trade shows. I am able to do maybe 10 or 20 of these at a time. In addition, I am far from being an expert on everything AV. My knowledge is limited to the stuff I am passionate about – video signals, projection, displays, control, networked content, digital signage – things like that.

But, Chris’s team at Insight Media — well, they’re an industry-leading market research company that employs analysts who specialize in all aspects of AV. And, they can deploy these analysts at an industry event to shoot way, way more in-depth coverage and market analysis videos that I can do alone.

Our partnership is, as Star Trek’s Spock would say, LOGICAL.

So, in addition to the thousands of videos we’ll shoot at ISE, DSE and InfoComm, we’ll now shoot in-depth product, people, technology and market analysis videos so you get more information about the products and technologies launched at shows — whether you attend the event or not. With our partnership, we’ll interview anyone and everyone that we need to do find out how a product works, why a new technology is important to our industry, why a new signal format is better than the old one and how a new market matters. These videos will likely be in the 10-minute range – and some even longer. Whatever it takes to get the complete product details.

We believe this solidifies our market leadership position in covering trade shows. There’s a reason we had over 1 million visitors to ourISE, DSE and InfoComm rAVe NOW MicroSites in 2012. Now, there’s a reason to stay even longer and get educated even more.

Here’s our official announcement:

Insight Media and rAVe [Publications] Partner to Bring New Analytical Video Series to Trade Show Coverage

Chapel Hill, NC and Norwalk, CT — January 7, 2013 — rAVe [Publications] and Insight Media are proud to announce a new partnership that will create a series of analytical trade show videos. The videos will be produced by Insight Media founder ChrisChinnock and rAVe [Publications] founder Gary Kayye. The new video series, known as AV Insight, will offer analysis and interviews by Chinnock and Kayye at major industry trade shows, including Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), Digital Signage Expo (DSE) andInfoComm.

Insight Media
 is a market research, publishing and consulting firm focused on the emerging segments of the display industry, including 3D displays, LED, Laser-based display systems and much more. The company publishes daily and monthly news and analysis, as well as in-depth annual technology and market reports.

rAVe, an industry-leading publication in the residential and commercial AV markets, has offered coverage of major industry trade shows for the past few years, with blogs, social media coverage, as well as product introduction videos and video interviews. To date, these videos have garnered over 6 million views.

“We’re very excited to offer the AV Insight videos to the market as part of our trade show coverage,” said rAVe founder Gary Kayye. “Chris is an expert in display technologies, and his analysis is second to none. We think our viewers will get a lot from these new videos, which will offer a deeper look into what’s being introduced at major trade shows.”

“I am just as excited about this new partnership,” said Chinnock. “Gary is well known and well respected in the industry for his knowledge and insight. Together, we can provide a real value for our combined readers.”

rAVe [Publications] and Insight Media will produce the first set of AV Insight videos at Integrated Systems Europe, to be held at the end of next month in Amsterdam.  A limited number of sponsorship spaces will be available.  To learn more about sponsorships, contact Chris Chinnock at or Gary Kayye at

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