Chowmain Details New Control4 Driver and Panel for EMEA

chowmain ip driver emea panel

Chowmain just released a bidirectional IP driver for Lightwave RF for Control4 OS 3. Lightwave manufactures a range of smart lighting, power and heating solutions. The new driver allows the Lightwave home automation system to expand Control4’s smart home offering in the U.K. and EU regions using existing wiring.

The integration brings some new solutions to Control4 that were not previously available in the EMEA, including thermostatic radiator valve integration, multi-gang lighting and recessed power points with both U.K. and EU plug types.

Driver Features:

  • Automatic import and naming of devices
  • Bidirectional control and feedback

Supported devices (but not limited to)

  • Smart Dimmer ( one-gang)
  • Smart Dimmer (two-gang)
  • Smart Dimmer (three-gang)
  • Smart Dimmer (four-gang)
  • Smart Mini Relay
  • Smart Relay (three-gang)
  • Smart Socket (EU one-gang)
  • Smart Socket (U.K. two-gang)
  • Home Thermostat
  • Honeywell Smart Radiator Valve HR91
  • Smart Radiator Valve