China National Games Uses TVU Networks to Share Torch Relay Journey

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TVU Networks, the market and technology leader in cloud and IP-based live video solutions, today announced China’s Shaanxi Broadcasting Corporation (SXBC) used TVU One mobile transmitters with 5G capability to provide live 4K coverage of the final leg of the ceremonial torch relay for the 14th National Games, a multi-sport competition that opened on Sept. 15 in Xi’an. Camera operators relied heavily on TVU One’s IS+ technology to provide reliable transmission of the torch bearers across almost 10 km through more than a dozen urban areas of the city.

The 28-day relay across Shaanxi Province began on Aug. 16 in Xi’an, with the final leg delivering the flame to the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center on Sept. 12. SXBC used eight TVU One backpacks to provide real-time footage of the torch bearers on the final day. Live coverage was sent back to the International Broadcasting Center (IBC), which shared the footage with the national audience. TVU Ones were also used to transmit 4K footage of a number of qualifying matches, and supported live broadcasting throughout the National Games.

“What we were most worried about was the quality of signal transmission. The TVU solution provided SXBC camera operators with extensive range and high mobility,” explained Qian Jun, director of the National Games Radio and Television Department. “Tens of millions of people watched the live broadcast of this event, and any unexpected situation would be devastating. TVU’s equipment ensured the stable transmission of signals throughout all matches.”

TVU One was chosen by SXBC based on the success of previous events. “Compared with traditional live broadcasting, the TVU solution reduces a lot of prep work, making the whole live broadcasting project easier,” Qian added. “The equipment is simple to use and can be started quickly by one person.”

Now in its sixth generation, the TVU One mobile transmitter can transmit live, broadcast-quality video from any location by aggregating all available data connections, including cellular, WiFi, Ethernet, and satellite with sub-second latency. It features HEVC video compression and TVU’s patented Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) transmission algorithm to provide superior, reliable video with less overhead.