Chief’s Portable Flat Panel Stand Designed for Rapid Setup and Teardown

Chief has released a new stand designed for portable AV applications.

Chief says its engineers worked with the rental and staging space every day to find out the common problems with display stands. The main issues they discovered were speed, storage and wear.

The PRSU was made to be intuitive to set up so anyone can figure it out quickly. No tools are needed to set up the stand, which also saves time. Most people can set it up in under two minutes, even the first time.

The rugged design can withstand the wear and tear that is commonplace when working with portable AV applications. Other stands can become marked up over time, particularly on chrome parts.

The PRSU also breaks down and folds up for easy space savings and can be stored in a customized, wheeled case accessory that can be stacked or set upright to accommodate various truck and warehouse spaces. Features include tilt, height adjust, cable management, padlock security, landscape and portrait orientations and tool-free installation. A shelf is also available, which is designed for rapid install and can be stored within the accessory case.

You can find the PRSU here, the PAC900 here and the PAC910 here.