Chief Launches New Suspended Ceiling Projector System


Chief is now shipping the new suspended ceiling projector system that they say is designed to cut install time by one-third. The new design incorporates an improved suspended ceiling plate, column system, mount and universal interface. The process began when Chief engineers went into the field to observe and interview installers about current systems and how they can be improved.

Problems included inconsistent ceiling grid systems, cable management, adjustment and cumbersome installation processes.

For speed and accuracy of adjustment, a new mount was created that builds upon the breakthrough successes of the RPA and RPM, Chief’s award-winning projector mounts. The RPT mount’s absolute image control adds Tool-Free Microzone adjustment with a positive drive system to keep adjustments in place – no need for set screws.

All the adjustment capabilities drastically reduce the need for digital adjustments in the projector, which can negatively affect image quality.

Features of the Suspended Ceiling Projector System include:

  • System comes out of box in the order needed with mount and column preassembled
  • Adjustable ceiling plate allows placement above or below tile and accommodates inconsistent T-grids
  • Detachable electric plate for pre-wiring
  • Tool-Free Microzone adjustment
  • Centris Technology enables effortless fingertip positioning with new tool-free lock down
  • Adjustable 0-12” (0-305 mm) column with separate inlay channels for high and low voltage cables
  • Improved universal interface for easier lock/unlock at projector connection
  • Quick-disconnect from interface to projector and interface to mount for easy access while maintaining registration
  • Single SKU ordering and less packaging to recycle

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