Chief Expands Mobile XL Cart Solutions

XVAUB_large-0614Chief’s Extra-Large Fusion Mobile Cart was designed for extra-large and touch panel displays — including the SMART 8000 series — from 55″ to more than 100″ and up to 300 pounds (136 kg). It has space for internal storage, including hardware to vertically mount 2 RUs worth of AV gear.

The Extra-Large Fusion Video Conferencing Cart comes fully assembled with a camera shelf and 11 RUs of rack rail for rack mountable and non-rack mountable components. The XVAU cart was designed for 37-70″ displays up to 250 pounds (113 kg).

Both carts can be customized for dual monitor video-conferencing use with the dual monitor accessory (FCA623B).

Features include:

  • A turn knob to allow a single user to easily adjust the screen height
  • Rounded edges and sleek aesthetics
  • Removable panels for easy component access and cable management
  • Room for internal storage of AV components
  • Lockable front casters


The XPAU and XVAU are now available and details are here.