Channel Vision’s AmpServant Serves as Multi-Room Switcher

Channel Vision announced its new Amp-Servant to the custom installation marketplace. Channel Vision’s new ARIA “Amp-Servant” features a built-in, three-source auto switcher that allows switching to the audio source (Tos-link, Cat5, and RCA), in that room based on priority levels set by the installer. This brings the capability of listening to any manufacturers multi-room audio system with the Aria Amp in that room and by turning on the TV, auto switching to the TV audio occurs using the same pair of speakers. In addition, a third audio source can be added to the Cat5 input such as the Alexa DOT.

Over 100-watts at 8 ohms class D amplification, subwoofer output, IR-flasher output and IR remote control learning in a mini 1.2” x 2.75” x 7” chassis.

Channel Vision’s A0351 Amplifier is shipping for $240 and is here.