Channel Vision releases a 2-Source HD Modulator with QAM and ATSC digital channels to the PRO A/V marketplace

Infocomm, Orlando, FL.- June 10, 2019- Channel Vision, a leading manufacturer of innovative technology products, is proud to announce the release of their 2-Channel Rack Mount High Definition HDMI Modulator to the professional installation marketplace on display at Infocomm booth 577.

Channel Vision’s new 2-Channel, 1080p HDMI Modulator has a full set of features including the full spectrum of TV channels on ATSC-Antenna and QAM-64/256 for cable TV systems, MPEG, AC3 and AAC audio formats. Including HDCP compliance to multiple TV’s with setup and configuration over the network, preventing future on-site service calls.

The release of Channel Vision’s new HD distribution product will save time and offer a substantially more competitive video distribution product compared to other technologies in the Pro A/V marketplace. Savvy Installers will appreciate the ability to send HDMI sources to an unlimited number of high definition TV’s with virtually no latency, a critical aspect when re-sending HDMI video sources to multiple TV’s.

“Our new HDMI video distribution product benefits installers and end users with numerous project types,” said Darrel Hauk, president & CEO of Channel Vision Technology. By reducing the number of sources required to multiple TV’s, we’ll not only save the user money by reducing the monthly cost for each satellite receiver or cable box needed, we’ll also reduce the power consumption by eliminating redundant receivers in a system. Future expansion to more TV’s is as simple as adding an RF splitter and coax.


Channel Vision’s HDM200R rack mount modulator is available from stock through Channel Vision’s network of distributors, dealers and installers throughout the world. MSRP 1500.00.