Cerevo Sells Subsidiary to Panasonic

Cerevo, an Internet connected consumer electronics manufacturer based in Tokyo, Japan announces today that it has established “Shiftall Inc.” as a subsidiary handing agile hardware production and sold all of the new subsidiaries’ shares to Panasonic Corporation.

As a result of talks between the two companies, Cerevo established a subsidiary to develop, manufacture and sell new hardware utilizing Cerevo’s existing development and manufacturing know-how, and agreed that Panasonic will acquire all of its shares. Takuma Iwasa will be appointed as President, CEO of Shiftall Inc.

Kazuaki Aoki will take office as the new president of Cerevo Inc. Cerevo will continue manufacturing, selling and supporting existing products such as its PC-less live streaming “LiveShell” series of devices, its flagship smart toy products, “DOMINATOR” and “1/8 TACHIKOMA”, and also it will continue planning and developing new products.

Furthermore, Cerevo will continue cultivating its efforts provide technology, resources and know-how for IoT consumer electronics to a wider range of customers, including startup companies that will tackle developing and manufacturing hardware. Cerevo will also place a greater emphasis on joint development with partner companies and their manufacturing operations, and will work to enhance the business value of the partner companies.

Profile of Kazumichi Aoki, President, Cerevo Inc.

Born in 1974. Kazumichi Aoki worked for a major heavy industry manufacturer, engaging in the development of HVAC (Industrial Refrigeration Equipment and Large Scale Air Conditioning Systems), then from 2008 working independently handling hardware manufacturing support. In 2015 he moved to the hardware / start-up support hub “DMM.make AKIBA” and worked on agriculture IoT, as well as supporting contract development at “DMM.make AKIBA”.

He also participated as a hardware product manager for the launch of a Sharing Economy Startup, which was developed at “DMM.make AKIBA” in 2016. He began his current position from April 2018.

About Shiftall Inc.

Company Name: Shiftall Inc.

Date of establishment: 13th February, 2018

President, CEO: Takuma Iwasa

URL: https://shiftall.net