Cedia’s Latest White Paper Aimed at Designers

glossary-of-terms-cover-0114CEDIA has introduced “A Designers Guide to Common Tech Words and Phrases,” a new white paper targeted at design professionals to allow them to better understand the terminology used in the home technology industry.

Design professionals are an important audience for CEDIA and thanks to a number of focus groups, the association better understands the needs of these professionals. To successfully work together, designers and custom installers need to be able to understand each other and the terminology used.

A Designers Guide to Common Tech Words and Phrases is an 18 page white paper which provides useful definitions for over 100 words and phrases. Besides explaining what words such as Ethernet, cabling and HDMI mean, the document also includes an explanation for CEDIA and a list of frequently asked questions. The White paper answers ‘Can homeowners install their own residential electronic systems?’ ‘How big is the home integration market?’, and ‘What are the benefits of hiring a CEDIA Certified professional?’

The sooner technology is incorporated into a project, the more likely it is to be able to avoid design complications further down the line. Cabling, positioning and stylish integration of the products installed requires advance planning, in order to give clients the highest standard of project completion. A Designers Guide to Common Tech Words and Phrases should aid this process as communication will be improved between design professionals and custom installers.

This new white paper supports CEDIA’s BIID & RIBA accredited CPD presentation ‘Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes’ which is available to Design Professionals internationally.

To download the white paper, please click here.