CEDIA — The Future is Here


By Olivia Sellke

Over 25 years ago a group of technology enthusiasts and thought leaders gathered together to cast a vision for an industry that was growing quickly before their eyes. They defined the custom residential technology space, and formed CEDIA as the connection point for the numerous stakeholders to share their passion, find resources to help them grow, and share in the outlook for the future of the industry. CEDIA delivered a vision of what could be and helped bring it to the world.

CEDIA in 2015 continues a forward-thinking focus, seeking new opportunities to foster community and provide pathways for prosperity to CEDIA members. Programs to support the focus have already begun to take shape.

Our members who were at the show got a taste of what we are implementing both visually and programmatically. It was hard for anyone to miss the new CEDIA brand identity.

It was also hard to miss the CEDIA booth on the show floor where there were numerous programs that provided opportunities for attendees to connect, explore training topics, and hear from industry visionaries.

The tradeshow was a perfect launching ground for our new brand strategy which includes a new Vision: Life Lived Best at Home. Beyond the show, the strategy dives deep to understand what matters most to members and how CEDIA can continue to provide a vision and direction for success in the industry. Some outputs of the plan include:

  • Aligning education programs to meet integrators where they are, whether new or seasoned, and provide development pathways to help them move to the next level
  • Developing and facilitating new community-building initiatives for year-round networking, mentorship and idea sharing
  • Connecting integrators and manufacturers to leverage new technology and expand prosperity
  • Leveraging emerging technology and trendspotting to identify new revenue streams
  • Introducing a new sophisticated visual identity that better represents the industry and membership

There is a new energy behind CEDIA and we are excited to continue to develop the programs our members need to thrive.