CEDIA Releases An Integrator’s Guide to HDR Video White Paper

CEDIA has released a new white paper, An Integrator’s Guide to HDR Video. This paper explores the fundamentals of HDR video and how it relates to human vision, and underlines HDR standards, formats and connectivity to ensure compatible system design and integration.

“We have seen incredible advances in HDR over the years to the point that it is an executable display option in home environments, but not without some guidance. This white paper is intended to provide a baseline knowledge of HDR to assist with the specification and deployment of the consumer HDR video systems,” said Walt Zerbe, CEDIA senior director of technology & standards.

A key directive of CEDIA’s current strategy is creating standards, developing best practices and defining guidelines to elevate professionalism and drive member and industry success. This white paper is the first of three white papers that will be released before the end of 2018. CEDIA says it is also evaluating more than 30 topics for 2019 with a goal of publishing six white papers in the coming year.

CEDIA members can download their complimentary copy of the white paper here. Non-members may purchase a copy for $99.