CEDIA Releases Globally Revised ESC-T Certification Exam

CEDIA has announced an updated version of the ESC-T Certification Exam is now available. This new version was created with input and guidance from Americas and EMEA volunteers, ensuring the content was relevant for a global audience.

The ESC-T exam is intended for technicians with two years of experience and represents proficiency in the technical knowledge that forms the foundation of the residential electronic systems industry. The exam now covers lighting control and features expanded networking content in addition to pre-wire and trim out, integrated control systems, and audio/video systems.

“It is considered best practice to update professional certification exams every few years to ensure they stay relevant,” said David Whitney, CEDIA director of certification. “The ESC-T exam was last updated in 2014 and with the changing landscape of our industry, it was important to revise the exam.”

In addition to the updated exam, CEDIA has also created a Certification Handbook that explains the updated policies and provides more instruction on how to prepare and register for an exam.

Geoff Meads, CEDIA volunteer and president of Presto AV adds, “As we reviewed and updated the exam to ensure it was globally aligned, the volunteer team also wanted to provide the tools and resources to help individuals properly prepare.”

CEDIA is also pleased to offer a new option for those renewing their ESC-T certification. Certification holders may now take a 50-question renewal exam from six months before to six months after their expiration date or they can continue to renew the traditional way by earning 30 CEUs in the three years after passing the exam. The renewal exam is administered through Kryterion’s online proctoring service, which allows it to be taken from a personal computer and monitored using a webcam, microphone, and secure test software.

“We recognize that it can be challenging for some to earn the 30 CEUs needed for renewal, so we wanted to provide another option. It is our intention to add this choice for our other exams as they come due for revision,” said Whitney.

Exams will continue to be offered in conjunction with CEDIA training events, but with Kryterion’s 1,000+ international test centers, the program is accessible to everyone throughout the year.

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