CEDIA Publishes Best Practices White Paper

CEDIA Pubs 0610

The Custom Electronic Design & ICEDIA-Pubs-0610nstallation Association’s (CEDIA) Industry Best Practices Action Team has released a new white paper on the topic of inbound marketing. The document was developed to give CEDIA member companies and industry professionals a framework for understanding the concept of inbound marketing as well as the basic structure of an inbound marketing campaign. The document is available to CEDIA members free of charge and to non-members for a nominal fee.

The paper outlines the key elements involved in inbound marketing, complete with tips for execution. The document also includes CEDIA member testimonials designed to help the reader determine whether inbound marketing is appropriate for their company. The paper was developed under the guidance of subject matter expert Mark Komanecky, owner of Westborough, Mass.-based CEDIA member company simpleHome.
The Inbound Marketing White Paper is targeted toward companies with no experience in inbound marketing as well as those with limited to moderate experience who are looking to build on their knowledge of the concept. The paper is available to CEDIA members at no cost via CEDIA Crosspoint (www.cediacrosspoint.com) and the CEDIA Marketplace (www.cedia.org/marketplace). It is also available to non-members for a fee of $25 through the CEDIA Marketplace.