CEDIA Membership: An Investment in Your Business’s Success

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cedia_logo-1209A new year means resolutions, and for businesses an opportunity to start fresh and become more profitable. Make your resolution to create a profitable and successful business. Follow through on that resolution and become a CEDIA Member.  Whether you are renewing or joining for the first time, CEDIA membership carries benefits for every business at every phase of development.

Making sound investments is a key piece of the puzzle for profitability.  Skimping on important purchases may provide short term relief, but could hurt your business in the long-term.  Now is the time to make smart investments, and to renew your membership or join CEDIA for the first time.  For the price of a $500 fee, CEDIA Members have access to countless members-only benefits that amount to much greater reward than the initial investment.  In fact, for every member that pays the $500 membership fee, CEDIA spends over $5,000 (see chart) to promote and benefit the individual member.

In 2010, CEDIA Members have countless opportunities to save money and move ahead with CEDIA programming and education.  Here are a few things CEDIA Members can look forward to in the coming year.

Expanded e-Learning offerings for greater access to education, anywhere

  • Management Conference 2010 discounts to help business owners and managers learn new ideas and stay successful
  • FREE education at CEDIA EXPO 2010
  • Discounts on tools and education resources like the new Electronic Systems Technical Reference Manual
  • A newly revamped career center with expanded options for job-seekers and those looking to hire
  • CEDIAwire which gives members direct access to trade and consumer publicity opportunities
  • FREE Survival of the Fittest Monthly Webinar series
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For further details on the benefits of CEDIA membership and ways to become more involved, visit www.cedia.org/membership.

Join CEDIA or renew your membership at www.cedia.org/join.