CEDIA Management Conference 2009 Early Bird Discount Extended Indefinitely!

March 4 – 7
Carefree Resort & Villas
Carefree, AZ

CEDIA knows your company’s future is a main focus during these uncertain times. CEDIA Management Conference is the most exceptional investment that you can make in your company, your employees, and your future. Understanding each investment you make must be worthwhile, CEDIA has indefinitely extended the early bird discounts of $100 – $200 so you can attend Management Conference 2009 and start your company’s strategy for survivability.

Management Conference 2009 is full of quality programming and energetic guest speakers. Thursday’s Keynote Speaker Tim Costello leads an excellent presentation entitled, “Remaining Relevant in Today’s Dynamic Marketplace.” Costello describes the waves of change that are sweeping through nearly every industry in North America. These changes come in the form of inflation, foreign competition, changes in the supply chain, increased purchaser leverage, and changes in technology to name a few. This presentation will provide you a new perspective into your business and will offer you different ways to identify and eliminate waste from your organization, creating an opportunity for your business to survive and thrive.

Other keynote speakers include Richard Tait, who will provide insight into “Creative Collaboration” and how you can use today’s culture to your advantage, and Sugar Ray Leonard who will share his amazing story in an inspiring presentation entitled, “The Power to Win.”

Stop questioning your company’s future and start planning it! Attend CEDIA Management Conference 2009.