CEDIA in Suckville

cedia_expo_0509LOVE CEDIA.  I HATE Atlanta.  Although this year’s show will be in so-called “Hot-lanta,” it’s still going to be an awesome show!  I am excited for the manufacturers, the integrators and the market as we are just starting to see a turn-around of the markets nationwide and by September, rAVe believes things will start to hum again.

But, why Atlanta?  The location of the convention center is scary, the hotels around it, although easy to get to, leave much to be desired and the good food is miles and miles away in Buckhead.

But, I’ll overlook that as CEDIA is an awesome show and this year’s will be creatively different, we hope, in that projection will not be the highlight of the industry. It will be more and more about gaming, home automation and access to information, which will all become focal points in the HomeAV world.

If you haven’t booked your plans to CEDIA yet, visit here.