CEDIA Expo 2021 Product Booth Tour Highlights

CEDIA Expo 2021 Video Booth ToursrAVe [PUBS] Coverage: Video Highlight

We’re excited to bring you video coverage of many of the exhibitors at CEDIA Expo 2021! Though the show was a little smaller than usual, we were able to get some great coverage of exhibitors and booths who were able to attend in person. Below are a few highlights of booth tours from the show floor.

Draper@Home Residential Shade Line

Draper is launching its new Draper@Home Residential Shading line! The new fabric kit is $250 and comes with samples of Draper’s most popular fabrics. The samples are labeled interior or exterior for their usage. Find Draper here.

Hide-A-Trim Flush Mounted Switches and Outlets

Hide-A-Trim introduces flush mounted plates for outlets, switches and other devices for high-end construction in the building industry. These products are made especially for the 5/8- and 1/2-inch plug and for a backsplash made of tile, marble or wood. Hide-A-Trim products are made for thermostats as well. Find Hide-A-Trim here.

Blonder Tongue Labs Digital Signal Processing Platform

Blonder Tongue Laboratories debuted its brand-new NXG advanced digital processing platform. It has a 60-gigabit all-IP backplane that works with video content ingest and redistribution. The master controller has a 60-gigabit video switch that can ingest cable content from IP sources, both encrypted and in clear content. This digital processor can transcode and transrate from .mpeg2, .mpeg4 and HEVC formats. These can then be outputted to any format. Blonder Tongue is here.

Autoslide Swing Doors for Contamination Prevention

Autoslide introduced a new product, the Autoslide Autoswing system. This is an automatic door system designed for swing doors for the home as well as internal doors. Privacy software can be added for hands-free entry to doorways. There is also a built-in “pet mode” to create automatic doors for your pets. This product is great for stopping cross-contamination of germs and for accessibility needs. Autoslide is here.

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Steph Beckett and Jason McGraw Talk Residential, The Growing Outdoor Market & More

Managing Editor Steph Beckett was able to get an interview with Emerald’s CEDIA Expo VP, Jason McGraw. The pair discussed the success of the show. Jason said the show is small but mighty, and it was a great opportunity to connect with new and old exhibitors. They also discussed the market — the exhibitors were mainly those in the “resimercial” market, a growing sector in the AV industry. Jason said this trend is driven by families learning and working from home. Commercial and residential manufacturers are beginning to introduce new products in each other’s sectors. CEDIA Expo 2021 was partnered with IMCCA this year and many home-office demos took place at the show.

Enterprise-grade technology solutions are needed in homes — so the AV industry rises to the challenge of creating a total solution! Jason also touched on the outdoor AV products being shown, such as outdoor speakers, weather-protected projection screens, sunshades and more. Another trend seen at the show is the UCC market, another example of how many AV markets are beginning to crossover and blur. You can hear the rest of the discussion at the linked video.

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