CEDIA Europe Announces Training at ISE 2014

cediatraining-1213CEDIA has announced its training line-up for the ISE 2014 show in Amsterdam in early February. We highly recommend two of the sessions:

1. Residential Networking: The purpose of this course is to provide a foundation for understanding IP (Internet Protocol). It is appropriate for both beginners and individuals looking to formalize and increase their IP networking knowledge. With the vast majority of subsystems now having the ability to be converged over an IP network, this is arguably the most important topic to make sure that you have a solid foundation in.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the 7 layer OSI Model and how it relates to networking (essential learning)
  • Applying the OSI model to residential network structure and setup
  • Recognising and understanding basic network hardware
  • IP Addressing – using the right addresses for the right job
  • Basic network troubleshooting

By the end of this course, participants should be able to: explain common network protocols such as TCP, UDP, IP, DHCP, DNS, and NAT, understand the functions of a consumer router in a wired environment and begin basic troubleshooting in a consumer level IP network.

It’s taught by Geoff Meads, a highly respected marketer and technical trainer with over twenty years experience in the home technology sector. He’s worked for some of the most notable brands in the world including Dutch Electronics giant Philips and Hi-Fi specialists Arcam and now owns Presto AV, a web design and technical training agency working mainly with technology companies.

2. Technology and Consumer Trends: Highlighting future technologies and perceptions that will affect the residential integration sector, this session will examine the trends that are set to mould our industry in the coming years. As well as examining technologies, we will be putting these into context with some of the trends that increased consumer perception and demand for technology is creating.

This course is designed to be the ideal introduction for show visitors and will explore today’s most exciting new products and tomorrow’s most promising technologies.

It’s taught by Peter Aylett, a globally respected residential technology expert with 23 years experience in the field. Having worked for 15 years at some of the UK’s most respected technology integrators, Peter was until 2011 director of professional development for CEDIA, where he was the authority on industry standards, education, certification and technology trends.

You can see the entire training program here.