CEDIA Announces Certification Roadshow for ESC-T Review

CEDIA has announced that it will host a certification roadshow throughout the month of December. The six events, which will include the ESC-T certification review, ESC-T certification exam and an emerging trends talk, are part of CEDIA’s ongoing effort to make certification more accessible.

“Earlier this year we announced that CEDIA Certification Exams are now available through the Kryterion testing network which has than 1,000 testing centers worldwide,” said Dave Pedigo, CEDIA VP of emerging technologies. “However, we recognize that many individuals benefit from taking a review session and we want to make sure those who become certified know how they can market and use their certified status to elevate their work.”

All certified professionals have access to a new set of CEDIA certification logos for all levels of certification. Another new component of the toolkit that CEDIA is providing to certified professionals is access to digital badges through BadgeCert. Through this program, digital certification badges can be easily added to email signatures, LinkedIn accounts, websites and other social media platforms. Clicking on a digital badge allows clients to verify the current status and expiration date of an individual certification and see what knowledge and skills it represents. In addition, Amazon announced a new program for individuals with advanced CEDIA certification at CEDIA 2017. Those who are CEDIA Certified (ESC-T, ESC-D, ESC-N) can take advantage of the Amazon Home Technology Pro Engagement Program.

CEDIA will host the certification roadshow in the following locations:

Monday, December 11
PowerHouse Alliance
Clifton, NJ

Monday, December 11
PowerHouse Alliance
Denver, Colorado

Tuesday, December 12
Pompano Beach, FL

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Wednesday, December 13
PowerHouse Alliance
Oakland, California

Thursday, December 14
Farmers Branch, TX

Friday, December 15
VanNuys, California

The emerging trends talk that is included in the roadshow schedule is free for all to attend and will start at 3:00 p.m. on the day of the roadshow. Those interested in attending the certification review and sitting for the exam can find registration information here.