CEDIA AND CEA Standards Committee Creates Home Theater Standards Document

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CEA-logo-0110The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® and the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA)’s R10 Residential Systems committee announced it has approved CEA/CEDIA-CEB22: Home Theater Recommended Practice: Audio Design Bulletin. This new guide provides a baseline for the design and installation of residential spaces to be used for high-performance home theater or multi-channel music playback. While the focus of these two applications is home theater audio design, many of the practices are applicable to multi-purpose, two-channel and other acoustic spaces. Following this bulletin will allow Electronic Systems Contractors (ESCs) to deliver full performance for the equipment and the room allowing consumers to enjoy the best possible listening experience.

“CEB 22 is a model recommended practice enabling ESCs to design a home theater for maximum performance. This document is the first in a series of bulletins regarding high-performance home theater design,” said Dave Pedigo, CEDIA senior director of technology. “The creation of these documents will ultimately foster better theater design throughout the industry while easing the burden of ESCs to prepare for certification exams.”

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