CE labs Announces 4K 60Hz Digital Signage Players

CElabs_4k_players-0614CE labs/Cable Electronics, Inc. is introducing at InfoComm two new 4K 60Hz digital signage players to the Series 7 digital signage player line — the AP700-4k and the AP70-4k. These players are housed in a commercial-grade chassis, offer HDMI 2.0 and are capable of playing HEVC content using the new H.265 codec at enhanced bit rates. (The H.265 codec – or HEVC – is the next generation after H.264. It allows video signals to be compressed to half as big as the same video would be compressed using H.264. It also supports video up to 8K. The trade off is that you need more horse power in your engine to gain that efficiency, aka a more expensive chip set.)

The Linux-based AP700-4K is a 4K 60Hz digital signage player with RS232 and IR control, an eight-port GPIO interface, dual display capabilities and HDMI input. The Android-based AP70-4k, a lower-priced 4K 60Hz solution, operates at 80 percent lower power consumption than that of comparable PC-based digital signage appliances and comes with a four-port GPIO interface.

With new robust browsers, both the AP700-4k and the AP70-4k digital signage players, support image overlays, HTML5, Javascript and CSS content, allowing easy delivery of dynamic content that can be switched out on the fly using QuickSign Pro Designer and deployed over a large network using CCM Enterprise software.

The AP700-4k and the AP70-4k will be priced around $700 and $500, respectively. (For reference, the BrightSign 4K players are expected to be priced under $1,000 when they are available later this year.) More info on the AP700-4k is here and on the AP70-4k, here. CE labs says these players will be available in Q3 of this year and that the company is currently taking pre-orders.