CDS Intros Killer Transparent LCD Panels for Retail Showcases

crystal-display-refrig-0117The hottest thing in LCD right now isn’t size — it’s transparency. Using transparent LCDs, you can augment a retail display with digital content in real-time. And, CDS (Crystal Display Systems) has both raw-component kits (from 5” to 84”) and finished transparent boxes for integration into systems (from 10” to 70”).

Dubbed the ClearVue Transparent Showcase, they are designed to help retailers demonstrate products in a dynamic and innovative way that has that wow-factor. Anyone can integrate and sell a flat-panel display, but not everyone has had access to transparent solutions — until now. CDS is helping AV integrators get into the digital signage retails display market by setting you up as a dealer. The transparent showcases are completely turn-key as they include the transparent display, the box-housing as well as the media player — all integrated into a finished solution (from 10” to as large as 70”). The complete lineup of sizes (and aspect ratios for the boxes) are here.

Showcase-Exploded-View-0117And, this include refrigerators with transparent doors, too! Called the IceVue, they are refrigerators with transparent LCD doors available in 24” or 49″ versions. Both have an integrated Android-based media player that plays content via USB or the network (or via HDMI) and include sound. You can see the refrigerator line here.

cds2-0117As I mentioned above, CDS also have raw-component kits for integrating in to your own systems — if you want to customize into something other than a refrigerator or display box. Each transparent LCD is sold as a kit, and includes the display, media board, cables and power supply and you can add touch interaction with multitouch sensors. You can see all the details here.

CDS is the actual raw-component manufacturer and they have a multi-layer LCD that includes an optional IR touch-sensor outer layer and behind that their the tempered glass, them the transparent LCD and finally all that is attached to a powder-coated steel enclosure. The enclosures and displays are available in landscape or portrait form factors and use an LED array for backlighting. All the specs are here.

Here’s a video that shows the transparent boxes.