CBORD Offers Useful Access Options for University Students and Staff

CBORD, arguably the leader in campus card solutions for higher education institutions, debuted its Mobile Identification Application at UBTech 2017. This new solution allows for a student (or staff member) to receive access to a space if they do not have their access card with them.

We’ve certainly seen a trend in electronic wallets and I feel comfortable in saying that the millennial generation (myself included) has accepted the perks (and risks) associated with utilizing such a solution for their payments. So, CBORD hit the head of the nail perfectly with their implementation of an electronic access card.

As a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, our UNC OneCard system is hosted on a CBORD system. Access to the parking deck that I park in, buildings after hours, my part-time job office space, the residence hall I resided in my freshman and sophomore year, and pretty much any other space on campus is controlled by a card reader (produced by CBORD).

I cannot tell you the amount of times that I wish I could simply scan my phone to receive access to a space. I carry my wallet in my backpack and when the time comes to swipe my card, I find myself stopping my routine to take my backpack off of my back to unzip it and to then take my wallet out to swipe my card.

You’re probably thinking, “Just put your access card in your pocket.” Well, I tried that. Except I took my pants off at the end of the day and it stayed there through the next morning. The story continues when I arrive on campus and realize that my access card is still laying in the dirty clothes hamper at home. But, I have my phone.

To CBORD from a college student, thanks for this new solution; I hope your clients, like the University of North Carolina, implement it soon.