Catchbox throws its first batch of products into Australia and New Zealand market

phpUTVZLMAMCatchbox, the company that created the world’s first throwable wireless microphone, today launches its product to the Australia and New Zealand market.

The unique Catchbox device, created in Finland by entrepreneurs, Timo Kauppila, Pyry Taanila and Mikelis Studers in 2012, has already got thousands of people talking with its ability to give a voice to audiences of all sizes.

In response to demand from event organisers in the region, who have been crying out for Catchboxes lately, the company quickly set about achieving the authorisation needed to sell their innovative product to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

After completing the necessary licensing formalities for the Australia and New Zealand market,  Catchbox has now despatched the very first shipment of Catchbox devices to its brand new customers.

Timo Kauppila, CEO and Co-Founder of Catchbox comments: “We are very excited about sending off our first ever shipment to new customers in Australia and New Zealand. A large number of people have been asking when Catchbox would be available in their region so we have been quick to respond to this demand.”

“It’s very exciting that word has spread so quickly across the world about Catchbox’s ability to make meetings and events fun and engaging. We have already made headway in the UK, Europe and the United States, having sold thousands of Catchboxes to date in these regions alone. Event organisers are constantly looking for ways to increase audience engagement and participation – Catchbox has the very simple but ingenious answer,” he adds.

Described by existing users as ‘the sweet spot for audience engagement’ and ‘fun and faultless’, Catchbox has already won a series of international awards for its light-as-a-feather, sleek and attractive design.

It is currently being used to engage audiences attending all shapes and sizes of events from conferences, seminars and workshops to board meetings and even Skype calls.  Catchbox’s creators believe the Australian and New Zealand market will be just as enthusiastic about having a new product to add audience participation pzazz to an event.

The Catchbox idea is simple – switch on, throw in and the devices can be fully branded for an event or company.

Prices for Catchbox (Patent Pending) start at $499 (USD) for Catchbox Pro and $599 (USD) for Catchbox Lite + P&P and can be purchased via their website at: